Once upon a time, there was a magical land called Hifa. All was peaceful in Hifa… well, relatively. There were still dragons and giants and evil wizards, but I mean, peaceful in a general sense. Fine, scratch that, everything was as peaceful as you could reasonably expect in the land of Hifa. Until three years ago.


Rift Hunters is an Open Legend multi-dimensional live-play podcast. Featuring esteemed players and a GM that still needs to know what “GM” means, Rift Hunters transports listeners to a high-fantasy world that has been transformed by rifts from other dimensions. Expect the unexpected and probable the improbable. Welcome to Hifa.

Open Legend is a role-playing system that let’s you start your own tabletop RPG adventures for free right now by visiting openlegendrpg.com. There you can find 100% of the rules, join the community, and catch all the latest updates.

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