NAME – Achoo

AKA – Ice Mousies, Ice Mice Baby

WORLD – Pocketopia


HP: 20  Guard: 12  Toughness: 10  Resolve: 10


Whip My Tail Back and Forth – 1d20+1d4

Freeze Sneeze – 1d20+1d6 (chance to immobilize, Energy vs. Toughness)


Achoo is an ice mouse native to the frozen reaches of Pocketopia. They are easily spotted due to their constant sneezing and proximity to heat sources. Due to these reasons, achoos are easily lured by trappers with s’more technology. S’mores that have been browned perfectly on all sides are particularly alluring to achoos, who appreciate the craftsmanship as well as the flavor.

No one can pinpoint the illness that causes achoos to sneeze constantly, but some scientists have postulated that most are simply faking it to fit in. It is also used as a defense mechanism, because you may think twice about tangling with an ice rodent who sneezes ice in your face.

Many enterprising pocketopians have started keeping achoos in root cellars to create refrigerated food storage. While foodborne illness has often been associated with such practices, the rewards have often outweighed the risks. Nine out of ten pocketopians agree that the risk of disease is nothing compared to the threat of melted ice cream.

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