NAME – Boxto

AKA – Big Box, Owner of a Cardboard Heart

WORLD – Pocketopia


HP: 50  Guard: 7  Toughness: 10  Resolve: 10


Paper Cut – 1d20+1d8 (chance for persistent damage, Agility vs. Guard, 1d4 per round)

Tape Up – heal 1d6


A cardboard box with a face apparently drawn on by some sort of living marker ink. Sporting an apparently constant frown (likely because he’s a cardboard box) and two dots for eyes, boxtos often find themselves in group therapy sessions just for the company.

Boxtos are migratory, exchanging their services of carrying things for free transportation on trucks. Not every cardboard box is a boxto, but boxtos will try to interact with any other cardboard box regardless. Because of the limited conversation options available to them, their social skills are lackluster at best. Among themselves, boxtos often talk about the possibility of rain, how soggy they get when it rains and ways to avoid rain should it occur.

They increase their size as they get older until they reach a limit where they are structurally unable to support themselves and collapse. Luckily, this is how boxtos reproduce, as the collapsed box becomes a bunch of baby boxes who appear just as miserable and boring as their predecessor.

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