NAME – Snipsnap

AKA – Scissor Kid, Running Hazard, The Artful Crafter

WORLD – Pocketopia



HP: 60  Guard: 10  Toughness: 10  Resolve: 10


Shears of Scorn – 1d20+2d6 (chance for persistent damage, Agility vs. Guard, 1d6 per round)

Snap Talk – raise guard by 1d4 until next turn



A winged pair of scissors that cuts as it talks. Pocketopians often joke that a snipsnap has a sharp tongue, but mostly to downplay their trip to the emergency room. This is not helped by a snipsnap’s interest in ambushing pedestrians on the street so they can conduct a brief survey about their wireless service.

Snipsnaps dream of becoming used book salesmen so they can recite lines from their favorite novels. However, such attempts led to the loss of many classic books as they were shredded by overly enthusiastic orators. This, however, led to snipsnaps being used in multiple government organizations around Pocketopia, where their skills in controlling inter-office leaks have won them the respect of co-workers and bosses alike.

Ancient superstition says that a flock of snipsnaps flying in a lightning storm signals war on the horizon. This is likely linked to the loss of many ancient villages after electrocuted snipsnaps fell out of the sky and summarily destroyed their thatched-roof homes. The ancient pocketopians then turned the fallen snipsnaps into swords so they could conquer nearby towns who built their houses out of stone.

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