NAME – Pebblast

AKA – That Boulder Thing, Tombstoned, Pebble Popper

WORLD – Pocketopia



HP: 70  Guard: 14   Toughness: 10   Resolve: 10


Rock & Roll – 1d20+2d6 (chance for knockdown, Might vs. Guard)

Pebble Explosion – 1d20+1d6 (10ft AOE)



A giant rolling rock that spits exploding pebbles out of it’s mouth. Pebblasts can use their spherical shape to accurately shoot these pebbles up to 100 feet. The exploding pebbles are created deep inside the pebblast’s core, developing after ingesting it’s only food source: lava. Due to this mono diet, pebblasts are found only around active volcanos.

Trappers interested in catching a pebblast should be aware that lava is dangerous. Pebblasts can submerge themselves in lava fields for more than 5 hours, using it in similar fashion to a spa for large rocks. Because of this, they can be incredibly hot to the touch. Trappers have often suffered major burns and cases of being set ablaze during pebblast treks. This has led to the rise of small-batch, hand-crafted aloe vera gels, sold at exorbitant prices.

The majority of pebblast research was completed by Professor Locust Woods, chronicled in her documentary, “A Professor Picked a Peck of Perturbed Pebbles.” Woods befriended several pebblasts and started naming them. Sandy, Ignatius and Metamortimer were recorded playing pebble catch, but Woods’ interest in joining the game would prove catastrophic. It led to an extended stay in the hospital and a new direction for her movie. Casting the pebblast as an apex predator that would kill you as soon as look at you, the tagline for the documentary changed from “Cold rocks, warm hearts,” to “You’ll never go in the lava again.”

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