Theatre Sprites

NAME – Theatre Sprites

AKA – Footlighters, Fire Flyers

WORLD – Hifa



HP: 1  Guard: 1   Toughness: 1   Resolve: 100


Melodrama-rama – 1d20+1d10 (chance for blinded and deafened*, Entropy vs. Toughness)

*Perception rolls based on hearing and seeing automatically fail. Guard reduced by 3. Effect end on Will roll 10 or higher.



Bright specks of light that live for performance. They come in a variety of colors, as all sprites do, using these distinctions for dramatic effect on stage. One of several specialty classifications of sprites and the most entertaining. A close second goes to tracker sprites, who spend most of their time shouting “Hey! Listen!” to clueless adventurers who need help finishing their legendary quests.

Once upon a time, there was a story that began “once upon a time” and it was likely spoken, in bleeps and bloops, by a theatre sprite. They sprang up from the working classes, looking to find fame and fortune in the big cities of Hifa. But the life of a theatre sprite was full of struggle. With the general population unable to understand spritish, they relied more on their ability to look colorful and move around in fanciful patterns to draw a crowd’s attention. Over time, they built quite a following and started touring companies, the most famous of which were Sprite Lights Big City, Do The Sprite Thing and These Little Lights Opine.

It is typical for theatre sprites to build wooden boxes to use as performance spaces, as they are easy to make and move. These boxes also double as housing on the road, which is why the lids are always waterproof. Research suggests that without these boxes, commonly referred to as “sprite crates,” most of them would die from exposure. Not environmental exposure, mind you, but emotional exposure.

Some scholars also believe that without the adoration of crowds, they may wither and die. Other scholars think a lack of positive feedback can transform a theatre sprite into a food service sprite, a profession which mostly revolves around illuminating signs and shouting “Hey! Listen!” to disruptive patrons.

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