NAME – Hashtrolls

AKA – Bad Troll Models, Bland Fugly Giants

WORLD – Hifa



HP: 30  Guard: 13  Toughness: 12  Resolve: 16


Swipe Left – 1d20+1d6 (chance for Persistent Damage*, Might vs. Guard, 1d4 per round)

*Bleeding damage. Can be cured with minor action using Learning, Logic or Creation, DC10.

Feed Frenzy – 1d20+1d4, AOE 5’ radius around character, 180 degree frontal arc

Postest with the Mostest – 1d20+1d4 (chance to Demoralize*, Presence vs. Resolve)

*Affected target has disadvantage 1 on action rolls. Minor action to remove using Will, DC15.



Trolls are nasty creatures. Lumbering, ill-tempered monsters standing almost 6 feet tall (7 feet if not for the curvature of their backs), trolls are instantly recognizable by being terrible. Physical characteristics include muted yellow skin, long pointed nose and ears, extended arms, sharp claws and an unpleasant smell.

The trolls of Troll Valley would spend most of their lives insulting each other and practicing a pseudo martial arts style they referred to as trolljitsu. While overly stylish, trolljitsu never worked in practice. The noble houses of the Feuding Forts found an easy counter-measure to the fighting style: a punch to the nose. Like a reset button, a single hit to a troll’s nose instantly causes them to revert back to simply swiping away at you with their claws. Logic has thus dictated it is better to stab them during the 10 minute trolljitsu warm-up exercise.

Once discovering the magical invention of cell phones, trolls finally found a format befitting their fowl attitudes. But once it became known they were the only creatures in Hifa possessing such phones, they turned their ire upon each other. Dividing into the YOLOs and FMLs, the trolls quickly determined insulting each other is instantly more entertaining using the power of digital technology. It also avoids direct confrontation and maintains a sense of anonymity which they greatly enjoy.

Trolls have a loose monarchy, featuring a queen and king. The requirements to become a monarch revolves primarily around being the largest and meanest among their ranks. Whether the two get along is irrelevant, as in-fighting is a form of endearment in troll culture. And if the queen and king start a war against each other, it is ranked among the greatest romances in their history. #trollsidestory

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