Singing Skeletons

NAME – Singing Skeletons

AKA – Burt’s Waking Nightmare, Ragtime Bone Men

WORLD – Hifa



HP: 10  Guard: 5  Toughness: 8  Resolve: 10


Any Requests? – 1d20+1d4, AoE 20’ (chance to Fear*, Influence vs. Resolve, does no physical damage)

*Afflicted targets use entire turn to get as far away as possible from character. Cannot use actions to do anything other than retreat and cannot willingly move closer while the bane persists. However, targets get a free resist roll at the end of their turn. Roll for Will (DC 10).



If a skeleton comes back to life, they often pick up swords and shields to avenge their deaths against the living. But some just want to do the things they never could in life. And for some, that is singing a capella.

Skeletons have been magically reanimated. Sometimes this is done by a spellcaster, but in other cases it can be done through the methods the skeleton was killed. For instance, if you were killed by an alchemical poison fog, that could do it.

Skeletons are actually very social creatures and work together in a sort of hive-mind mentality to achieve a common goal. It makes them fierce fighters but also pitch-perfect singers. There are also rumors of skeleton groups that went into seafaring or improvisational comedy.

Enterprising business-types around Hifa have tried to harness singing skeletons and take them town to town to make some gold. The fates of such entrepreneurs were often grim. The most famous case came when Lopis Dashwood started showcasing The Skeletones to towns around the Sing Song Sea. After a night of non-stop sea shanties suggested by eager sailors on shore-leave, he voluntarily walked off the plank of a galleon, which was docked at the time. But Dashwood would soon be resurrected by a necromancer on request of the locals. He now sings with The Skeletones on an unmanned sloop, sailing along the currents, luring local audiofiles to their doom.

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