NAME – Were-Sheep

AKA – Lamby Lamb, Baa Wolf, Woolenthrope

WORLD – Hifa



HP: 20  Guard: 10  Toughness: 16  Resolve: 10


Ram, A Lamb – 1d20+2d4 (targets in 20’ line get Knockdown*, Might vs. Guard)

*Targets are prone, get disadvantage 1 on all attacks. +2 to Guard vs. Ranged attacks, -2 Guard vs. Melee attacks. Standing up costs half (rounded down) of the targets speed for the round.

Hoof in Mouth Disease – 1d20, AoE 30’ radius (affected targets get Stunned*, Entropy vs. Toughness)

*During target’s turn, character is limited to a single major actions, minor action or move action. Can use move action to try resisting this bane. Agility, Will or Movement check to resist, DC 13. If bane is resisted, character can still use remainder of usual actions for that turn.



What happens when a troll tries to read a book on polymorphing? You get a terrifying sheep monster that would be adorable if it wasn’t so terrifying. Bipedal, covered in wool the color and texture of, well, steel wool. Cloven hooves extend out to razor sharp daggers. Can also create the most annoying bleating sound ever.

If you’ve ever watched Polymorphin’ Power Wranglers, available anywhere sprite boxes are found, you know that the youth in Hifa are obsessed with people turning into animals. Everyone wants to be the red wrangler, a street performer who transforms into a ferret. Most children in Hifa will traditionally ask for a ferret on their birthday and every other present-based holiday due to this fact. There has been a vibrant ferret breeding economy ever since. However, none of these ferrets have been particularly effective at fighting crime.

Too many adventurers have died tragically my misusing polymorphing. Blaze Maelstrom himself lost his own sister to such avarice. In his own words, “Tootsie drank her own sheep transmogrification potion and was eaten by her dire wolf. Strange how those things happen.”

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