A PSA from the GM

An important message about the state of the show.

Listen below or read my transcript… belower?

I hope you are well. You are great!

-Nathan Ainsworth, GM-in-Training






Hello everybody. This is Nathan. What is this, you might ask. Well, I’m here to make an announcement. I wish it were all rainbow unicorns, but unfortunately it’s not. So, let me get the bad news out of the way first. With Open Legend and Seventh Sphere starting to wrap up and changing situations among the cast, we’ve come to the difficult conclusion that we had to end this campaign much earlier than expected. I know, it sucks. It was a hard decision to make. I mean, I had some basic layout for another 3 or 4 arcs already, so we were planning for the long haul.

But now, for the… better news, I guess. We still have two episodes. Episode 5 will be the wrap-up of Stella and Barry. We get to see where they ended up and their final journey. Episode 6 will finish the stories of Katya, Burt and Chandler to bring some closure to those characters and the campaign in general. I do have to implement a small time jump to do that, which I know, is everyone’s favorite plot devise. But I’m hoping it’s still enjoyable and satisfying to all the listeners and the cast.

After that, I want to do a wrap-up episode to take listener questions about the campaign. You know, in case you had any burning questions I can answer. As you may or may not know, our biggest inspiration for this show was The Adventure Zone, so this would be our version of The The Adventure Zone Zone, essentially. Or Talking Dead. Different tone, same idea.

I wanted to take the opportunity here, though, to thank some people. First, I wanted to thank Brian Feister, Ryan Schapals and everyone over at Seventh Sphere. Open Legend is a great system that has such amazing possibilities for role-playing and storytelling. I hope if we achieved anything on this show it was to let people know how accessible and fun RPGs can be. Open Legend was built for that very thing. I also want to thank my cast and I’m gonna call them out by name, whether they like it or not. Matt Taylor is a wonderful actor and a very talented film maker. If you haven’t seen the trailer for Taking Back the Future, you really should. Sara Mountjoy-Pepka is a phenomenal improvisor. She can improvise Chekov! Chekov! I don’t even know how that works, but she does it. If you are on the West Coast, take the time to see one of her shows for Ripley Improv. I wish I was there now. Moe Ballinger is one of the most talented artists I’ve worked with. I mean, the cover art for this show alone sold it for a lot of people. Never stop drawing sir! And last but oh so not least, Sally Jordan is a powerhouse. Between live-play shows, her Twitch stream and stand-up comedy, there is no reason why I have to tell you this. You should know already. I could not have been handed a more accomplished and lovely cast. I don’t know if I will ever play a role-playing game again, but these four set the bar very high.

And finally, because I can, I wanted to thank our listeners. Some of you have been with us from the start, others have just found us, more still will probably hear this in the distant future. But all of you make this worthwhile. You know, I love podcasting. It’s probably my favorite thing at this point in my life. I love the creative freedom it brings and the ability to make things for other people. Every time someone downloads an episode of this show or one of my others, it gives me this feeling of accomplishment like none I’ve had before. And if it makes you laugh or think or feel something, that’s the greatest thing in the world. You know, I never expected this. I’m mostly renowned for being a complete RPG plebian and it was only because of a handful of people that believed in my abilities far more than I did myself that this happened at all. And I hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far.

If you do have questions you would like answered, either DM the show @Rift_Hunters on Twitter or write to our e-mail, rifthunters@yahoo.com. Looking forward to your questions and seeing a satisfying resolution to our truncated campaign. And with a little luck and your support, they shall become legends in their own right. Thank you.

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