NAME – Thrashers

AKA – Cybernetics Raptors, Robo Raptors, Heavy Metal Lizards

WORLD – Pangea Technica


HP: 40  Guard: 15 Toughness: 10  Resolve: 7


Thrash – 1d20+1d10 (chance for persistent damage*, Might vs. Guard, 1d6 per round)

*Bleeding damage. Can be cured with minor action using Learning, Logic or Creation. DC12.

Analyze This! – 1d20. On a 12 or higher, grants Bolster* to all Thrashers in a 30’ radius against current target.

*Advantage 1 on all PHYSICAL rolls.

Flank the Tank – When three or more Thrashers are arranged in a flanking position around a target, they can launch simultaneous swipe attacks for 1d20+1d4 per Thrasher on each of their turns. Unavailable when not in correct position.


Imagine a velociraptor. Then imagine if it were made of metal, servos and wires. Robotic, cybernetic, metal from head to tail. Outfitted with laser eyes used for tracking and analysis. Also, outfitted to look like a raptor for everything else.

The world of Pangea Technica is both advanced and primitive. It’s inhabitants are primarily composed of cybernetic beings resembling dinosaurs. The reasons are pretty incredible.

On the surface, the history of Pangea is very similar to Earth. Once there were giant dinosaurs and then they were gone. It might have been a meteor, but some suggest it was a philosophical power struggle. Regardless, their time had ended and other creatures took their place. It was not a race of primates that rose to prominence though, they were lizards calling themselves Pangeans. As they became bipedal and their intelligence grew, an age of robotics quickly took root. And the Pangeans modeled their robotic creations on their ancient ancestors: dinosaurs. And then the cyber dinosaurs became self-aware and sought to rise up against their creators. Since they were more durable and stronger than actual dinosaurs, this was easy. And it led to their complete distrust of organics from that point forward. Pangeans were either imprisoned or exiled to the badlands. And the age of Pangea Technica began.

From the beginning, Thrashers were a prominent version of Pangea Technica species. Their combination of agility, power and intelligence could fill many niches in society. But it also made them fiercely independent and many defected from the established governments to become renegades. Cut off from society, it was easy for some to become feral and violent. The exiled Pangeans started begging to come back to society. Even if it was as a prisoner, a life in jail was preferable to a life constantly threatened by violent, territorial Thrashers.

Never get flanked by a pack of Thrashers if you enjoy staying in one piece. Some adventurers may consider this a challenge. Those adventurers are likely dead.

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