Shadow Shark

NAME – Shadow Shark

AKA – Total Eclipse of the Shark, The Scariest Thing Ever, Get Out of the Everywhere!

WORLD – The Shadelands



HP: 20  Guard: 20  Toughness: 10  Resolve: 12


Phantom Limb Damage – 1d20+1d8

Run! – 1d20, AoE 30’ (affected target gets Fear*, Entropy vs. Resolve)

*Afflicted targets use entire turn to get as far away as possible from character. Cannot use actions to do anything other than retreat and cannot willingly move closer while the bane persists. However, targets get a free resist roll at the end of their turn. Roll for Will (DC12).



A shark made of shadow, swimming through the air, searching for prey of all shapes and sizes. Semi-corporeal, basic attacks will do little to harm them. However, the same does not hold true for the shark, whose bite can chomp through your molecular structure. Best to avoid.

In the world of the Shadelands, sharks are just as manageable a threat as in other worlds. However, taken out of that world and placed in any other, they become a far more volatile threat. That stems from the Shadelands being a world comprised of floating shadows, an ocean of air and vapor where the concept of land is a myth. In this place, a shadow shark is still considered an apex predator. However, the size of the world spreads them out considerably, making hunting grounds hundreds of miles apart.

Once placed in a solid environment, shadow sharks can become ferocious and deadly. Smaller or more densely populated worlds can cause feeding frenzies unless they are properly contained. Some effective measures to contain shadow sharks include electrical fields and arcana magic. Some success has been reported with teleportation technology, but an experienced technician is required.

The threat of shadow sharks on Hifa led to the blockbuster play “Chomp” where a large specimen terrorizes the floating city of Escalation. Through the efforts of the city constable, a crusty airship captain and a xeno-biologist, they are eventually able to stop the title character with a beam of pure light and a terribly infectious sea shanty. It should be noted those tactics have proved less effective in practice. Many have tried, only to be torn apart on a molecular level, with only a broken lantern in the place they once stood.

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